NDA or UPA II? A Prime Minister always in foreign or A Prime Minister in the sake of visiting in foreign?

Foreign Policy is vital for the world position and world relations. A Government has to plan strategically to make every single move on international platform. The Policy differs from Government to Government and the most discussed comparison is between the current NDA Government and previous UPA II Government. Foreign Policy includes many aspects, some common basic aspects are Foreign Visits, Domestic Incoming Visits, Measures taken on International Platform, etc.

Quick run-through

  1. Foreign Living
  2. Cost Burden
  3. International Visits
  4. Foreign Domestic Incoming Visits
  5. Facts to correct Hoaxes
  6. Backfiring Pakistan
  7. Army and Politics
  8. Conclusion

1) Mr Modi is acclaimed to be in foreign every other day. This is a hoax.


Prime Minister


Mr. Narendra Modi


Mr. Manmohan Singh

First Four Years
Cost of Chartered Flights Rs. 387.24 Cr Rs. 386.35 Cr
Foreign Trips 36 31
Aircraft 31 – Chartered Air India Aircraft

5 – Indian Air Force BBJ Aircraft

All Chartered Air India Aircraft
Days Spent Abroad 155 131
Till Date
Foreign Trips 43 38
Days Spent Abroad 182 161
Countries Visited 61 (including 1 expected future visit) 33

Mr. Modi spent more days, surely, but has anyone tried to reach to the depth on the topic? Does anyone really know the reason for the difference of 21 days, i.e. 13% more than UPA II?

Well, Mr. Modi went to many countries where Mr Manmohan Singh never went. He also tried to establish relations with those countries too in order to seek support of more nations. A foreign policy is not strong with the support of big nations, or else Pakistan’s foreign policy would have been strong with China by their side. In reality, Pakistan is not at good terms with many countries so is its foreign policy strong? No? Therefore, it is necessary to be in good terms with every nation, irrespective of size, location, benefits, trade, etc.

2) Mr Modi is being critiqued continuously on the high cost burden on Indian Government. True facts?

“The annual maintenance cost of the VVIP aircraft charged by Air India to the tune of around Rs 220 crore and the cost of a hotline facility.”

“Combining these three led to Modi’s foreign travel cost being pegged in media at over Rs 1400 crore.”

The cost borne for maintaining VVIP aircraft was same as during UPA II and during NDA. The current government has not increased the costs by much, only by 0.89 Cr during first four years of both terms. The cost of UPA II would also be 1400 crore if maintenance costs were counted. However, the cost of per day spent abroad is much less.

NDA Government – 2.49 crore

UPA II Government – 2.94 crore

Difference – 0.45 crore

Expensive – UPA II Government

Cost Saving – NDA Government

3) Detailed Study regarding International Visits during NDA and UPA II

NDA – Mr. Narendra Modi UPA II – Mr. Manmohan Singh
International Visits
Afghanistan Afghanistan
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Belgium Belgium
Bhutan Bhutan
Brazil Brazil
Canada Canada
China China
(expected) Egypt
France France
Germany Germany
Indonesia Indonesia
Iran Iran
Japan Japan
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Malaysia Malaysia
Maldives Maldives
Mexico Mexico
Myanmar Myanmar
Russia Russia
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Singapore Singapore
South Africa South Africa
South Korea South Korea
Sri Lanka
Tanzania Tanzania
Thailand Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America United States of America
Vietnam Vietnam

Prime Minister Modi visited 60 countries and 1 expected future visit, Italy, compared to just 33 countries by Mr. Manmohan Singh during his second term. This is about 84.84% more than the visits by Mr. Manmohan Singh.

These visits include 34 countries where Mr. Manmohan Singh never went including countries like Israel, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, etc. Just 6 countries were not visited by Mr. Narendra Modi, which were visited by Mr. Manmohan Singh. However, one fact is that Mr. Narendra Modi went in these 34 countries for the purpose of foreign policy whereas Mr. Manmohan Singh went to attend summits in these 6 countries.

4) Detailed Study regarding foreign domestic visits during NDA and UPA II

NDA – Mr. Narendra Modi UPA II – Mr. Manmohan Singh
Diplomatic Incoming Visits
African Union Delegation
BRICS Summit 2012
Commonwealth Secretary General
Delhi Dialogue VIII
Delhi Sustainable Development Summit
Federal Minister for Europe
High Representative of European Council High Representative of European Council
His Highness The Aga Khan
MP and Secretary of State for Foreign an Commonwealth Affairs of United Kingdom
President of Swiss Confederation
President of the European Commission
President of the European Council President of the European Council
President-elect of the General Assembly of the United Nations President-elect of the General Assembly of the United Nations
Raisina Dialogue
Secretary General of the League of Arab States
Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
Secretary General of United Nations
UNDP Administrator
3rd India Africa Forum Summit
12th IOR ARC Meetings
Afghanistan (President) Afghanistan (President)
Armenia (President) Armenia
Australia (Prime Minister) Australia (Prime Minister)
Bahrain Bahrain (Crown Prince and King)
Bangladesh (President and Prime Minister) Bangladesh
Belarus (President) Belarus (Prime Minister)
Belgium (King and Queen) Belgium
Bhutan (King, Queen and Prime Minister) Bhutan (King, Queen and Prime Minister)
Burundi (President)
Cambodia (Prime Minister)
Canada (Prime Minister) Canada (Prime Minister)
China (President) China (Premier)
Cyprus (President) Cyprus
Egypt (President) Egypt (President)
Fiji (Prime Minister) Fiji
Finland (Prime Minister) Finland
France (President) France (President)
Germany (President) Germany (President)
Guyana (President)
Hungary Hungary (Prime Minister)
Iceland Iceland (President)
Indonesia (President) Indonesia (President)
Iran (President) Iran
Iraq Iraq (Prime Minister)
Israel (President and Prime Minister)
Italy (Prime Minister) Italy
Japan (Prime Minister) Japan (Emperor, Empress and Prime Minister)
Jordan (King)
Kenya (President)
Kuwait (Prime Minister)
Kyrgyzstan (President)
Latvia (Prime Minister) Latvia
Liberia (President)
Malavi (President)
Malaysia (Prime Minister) Malaysia (Prime Minister)
Maldives (President) Maldives (President)
Mali (President)
Mauritius (President and Prime Minister) Mauritius (President and Prime Minister)
Mozambique (President) Mozambique
Myanmar (President) Myanmar (President)
Nepal (President and Prime Minister) Nepal (President)
Netherlands (Prime Minister and Queen) Netherland
New Zealand (Prime Minister) New Zealand (Prime Minister)
Pakistan (President)
Palestine (President) Palestine (President)
Paraguay (President)
Poland (Prime Minister)
Portugal (Prime Minister) Portugal
Qatar (Emir and Prime Minister)
Russia (President) Russia (President)
Rwanda (President)
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (Prince)
Serbia (Prime Minister)
Seychelles (President) Seychelles (President)
Singapore (President and Prime Minister) Singapore (Prime Minister)
Slovenia (Prime Minister)
South Africa (President)
South Korea (President) South Korea (President)
Spain Spain (King)
Sri Lanka (President and Prime Minister) Sri Lanka (President)
Suriname (President)
Swaziland (King)
Sweden (Prime Minister)
Switzerland Switzerland (President)
Syria Syria (President)
Tajikistan (President) Tajikistan (President)
Tanzania (President)
Thailand (Prime Minister) Thailand (Prime Minister)
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan (President and Prime Minister)
Turkey (President) Turkey (President)
Uganda (Prime Minister)
Ukraine Ukraine (President)
United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi (Crown Prince)

United Arab Emirates 

Dubai Ruler – Prime Minister

United Kingdom (Prime Minister) United Kingdom (Prime Minister)
United States of America (President)

US Secretary of State

United States of America (President)

US Secretary of State

Uzbekistan (President) Uzbekistan (President)
Vietnam (President and Prime Minister) Vietnam (President)
Wales (Prince)
Zanzibar (President)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil Brazil
Congo Congo
Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Hellenic Republic
Kyrgyz Republic
Mexico Mexico
Norway Norway
Oman Oman
Philippines Philippines
Slovak Republic Slovak Republic
Timor Leste

A visit by head of state, head of government, king, queen, etc. have been mentioned like <Country> (Prime Minister). Name without anything <Country>, were the visits by secretary, foreign minister, etc. Country’s name written in bold letters demarcates the difference between the two terms.

5) The total facts regarding the foreign visits and domestic incoming visits.

Visit By


Summits and Dialogues

12 11
Prime Minister 24



34 29
King/Queen/Other 6


Foreign Minister/Others

96 95
        Only Foreign Minister/Others 37


Total Domestic Visits

213 208

Visits To

Foreign Countries 60 + 1 (expected)


Numbers show the work. There were more country visits by foreign ministers/others (only). What pays weight is the visit of Head of State, Head of Government, King, Queen, etc. In the end it is them who have to formulate policies and commence work with Indian Government. There were more visits by such country politicians, etc. during the time of NDA than UPA. However, one thing is to be noted that half year of current NDA term in left and this gap would widen. This is a plain factual proof that Modi Government sought relations with more countries in turn to help them or bring development in India. 

6) Who was able to tackle the Pakistan issue?


26/11 attacks were witnessed by India during the reign of UPA Government. What did the government do? Did it try to backfire Pakistan or even try to put political pressure? What all they take credit of is just superficial. Nothing happened.


Uri Attacks happened in India. The government took a step and did what the whole world witnessed. A task that was just on papers during the previous government. On 29th September, 2016, a team of Indian Army crossed border and struck at least 4 terror launchpads some of which were collocated with the Pakistan Army facilities. Since then, whenever Pakistani Army or terrorists fired at India’s side, army never stood behind in responding in its fullest.

Army fired at Pakistani helicopter near to LoC. Have you ever heard of such an event during previous government?

According to the Indus Water Treaty, of the total 168 million acre-feet, India’s share of water from the three allotted rivers is 33 million acre-feet, which constitutes nearly 20 per cent. India is not using this 20 per cent to the fullest and therefore the current government undertook new projects on these three (Indus, Jhelum and Chenab) rivers to use its share. To this Pakistan has objection as their current water availability reduces. These are great measures taken by the current government that the previous government was unable to take.

7) The Government should not politicise the efforts of army.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi said that the government conducted surgical strikes to gain political capital and should not take the credit of it as military should be kept out of politics. False, false and true. 

Gain Political Capital – False

The government undertook this activity for two things. First, many soldiers were martyred in Uri Attack and this Strike was necessary to boost the moral of the army indicating that the government is with them and supporting them. Indian Soldiers were killed so a revenge had to be taken by the Army. Second, Pakistan crossed its limits and by this strike, the army brought it to its limits. It was an act showcasing that Pakistan Military is nothing compared to bravery, courage, loyalty, etc. of Indian soldiers. 

The Government Should not take credit of it – False

The BJP-Government never took credit of Surgical Strikes. All it did was to take the credit of allowing such a military activity that the UPA Government couldn’t even after 26/11. They just spoke and spoke and never took any measure but the current government took those measures. BJP-Government and its members always gave full credit to the soldiers who undertook the strike. They never said BJP was the one responsible for the success of the strike.

Congress is a hypocrite. They say BJP should not talk of military in politics. Well they were the one asking for the proof that such an event happened by asking photos and videos. The Army said they succeeded in the strike and Congress asked for proof. The Congress rejected to believe in army the very first day.

8) Conclusion

The Foreign Policy of and measures taken by NDA Government is much better than that of UPA Government. These are just the basic details of Foreign Policy and in depth study will be provided. The NDA Government sought to revive relations with more countries without spending more on foreign visits and also planned the visits strategically with reduction in cost as much as possible. Surgical Strike and new measures to utilise Indus Water are some international measures taken by the government and these efforts are commendable. In the end, the government gave full credit of the strikes to the army for its success and asked Congress that whether they could take such a step after 26/11 measures.








https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_prime_ministerial_trips_made_by_Narendra_Modi – ONLY NAMES







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